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Unicorn Stone

Unicorn stone

Recently discovered in Madagascar, Unicorn stone is a mix of lepidolites, pink tourmalines, smoky and clear quartz and natural lithium elements.

Lepidolite helps to balance and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit while enhancing communication skills and emotional intelligence.

Pink tourmaline has a soothing effect on the emotional body, calming negative emotions such as anger and resentment. It can also help to relieve stress-related conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Smoky quartz amplifies your ability to make good decisions within yourself or others. It brings clarity to your thinking process so you can make decisions confidently.

Clear quartz is one of nature’s most powerful healing stones. It protects against negative energy and promotes healing on all levels of being.

Overall, It is said to bring peace, stillness, empathy, positivity, and safety. and joy to those whom use it.

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