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Cobalt Aura

Cobalt aura
Cobalt aura

Cobalt aura quartz is clear quartz bonded with Cobalt giving an iridescent metallic sheen of vivid shades of metallic blue, violet and gold mixed. So you get the power of two in one crystal. It has a high vibration healing energy used to enhance other minerals.

Cobalt aura quartz works with the throat chakra and removes the constraints of self-expression that may hold you back in life, relationships or the workplace. It is also believed to stimulate the imagination and lift the mood

During contemplation it helps to maintain a state of grace and inner peace by stimulating the third eye visioning and lends itself to being programmed for clairvoyant purposes. It increases your natural clairvoyance and healing powers and when held or worn regularly.

It is believed to combine the body’s own healing powers with higher healing, especially when an illness is unresponsive to treatment or a patient is exhausted from prolonged medical intervention.

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