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Chromium Quartz

Chromium Quartz specimen

Chromium Quartz is a pale to darker mint green crystal that ranges from translucent to opaque. It is produced in a lab, whereby Clear Quartz is heated under high-powered water and then Chromium is added to achieve the green colouring. Sometimes the tips of the crystal points have concentrated darker green colouring. Chromium quartz has a sparkly appearance with many tiny crystal points that resemble cactus fuzz.

Chromium Quartz, like all green crystals, is a stone for the Heart chakra, helping you to see joy in everything around you. This crystal lets you know that you can achieve peace and joy all by yourself – you need not feel dependent on others.

A stone of balance, Chromium Quartz will enable you to see where you went wrong in your life and, with clarity, to show you how to get the balance back.
Physically, Chromium Quartz may help with disorders of the pancreas, diabetes, hormone imbalances and the immune system.

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