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Amethyst Aura

Amethyst aura specimen

Amethyst Aura (AKA Tanzan Aura Quartz) is a relatively recent addition to the world of gemstones. It is a variety of quartz crystal that undergoes a specialized treatment process to achieve its striking color and energetic properties.

Quartz crystals are placed in a vacuum chamber and infused with precious metals like gold and indium. The heat and pressure within the chamber cause the metals to bond with the quartz, resulting in a stunning range of colors that can include deep purples, blues, and iridescent shades. This is believed to enhance its metaphysical properties especialy spiritual awakening and higher consciousness.

Many crystal enthusiasts believe that Amethyst Aura possesses an elevated energy that can help open and align the third eye and crown chakras. This alignment is thought to facilitate a stronger connection to higher realms, enhance intuition, and promote spiritual insight.

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