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Rhodochrosite specimen
Rhodochrosite specimen

Rhodochrosite, Inca Rose Stone and Raspberry Spar, is a rare manganese carbonate mineral that is only found in a few locations worldwide. Its name derives from the Greek words rhodon meaning ‘rose’ and chroma meaning ‘colour.’
This mineral is one of the few in the mineral kingdom that produces rhombohedral crystals. These specimens can cost £10,000+. One of the few locations that produce near perfect Rhodochrosite crystals is the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado.

The Argentinian Inca’s silver miners found clusters Rhodochrosite. They believed these stones were the blood of their fallen and former kings and queens. They believed it hardened into stone to show strength, power, and stamina.

Meaning & Energy

Rhodochrosite’s focus is to be a daily reminder to look after yourself first and your own wellbeing. By putting yourself first, only then will you be able to help others in need.

Rhodochrosite helps you release anguish, pain, and trauma weighing on your mind and heart. It is a perfect stone for anyone who struggles with coping or has any form of PTSD. Wearing or carrying a piece daily will help calm emotions and provide reassurance.

Rhodochrosite’s calming and soothing energies will fill your aura with love, peace, tranquillity and life force energy to you get through life. In times of stress or sadness.

Rhodochrosite is a high energy stone that can show light over the horizon to a new day and all you need is a little bit of self-belief and harmony to progress.

Meditate with Rhodochrosite several times a week by placing it directly over your heart. The crystal will bring emotional trauma to the surface and allow yourself to reach closure on issues.

Chakra Heart, Solar Plexus
Properties Relaxation, Life Path, Inner Peace, Growth, Generosity, Creating Your Own Reality, Calming and Patience, Anxiety Relief, Peace of Mind, Resolution, Stress Relief, Transformation, Strength, Soothing, Emotional Understanding, Self- Healing, Physical Healing, Trauma, Grief and Mourning, Love & Relationships, Compassion, Self-Discovery, Gentle Self-Expression, PTSD, Sense of Purpose, New Beginnings
Planets Mars
Zodiacs Scorpio, Leo
Elements Fire, Water
Colours Pink, Red, White
Hardness 3.5 /4
Chemical Formula Mn (CO3)

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