Tigers Eye Mini flying Pig


A cute Tigers Eye Mini flying Pig complete with wings and a cheeky grin. At 40mm x 33mm an ideal size to keep close and enjoy the benefits of tigers eye.

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Just like our regular flying pig this is a  customer favourite, this super cute, tigers eye mini flying pig complete with wings and a cheeky grin. Around  25 mm  by 13 mm it is an ideal size to keep in your purse or pocket and enjoy not only the benefits of tigers eye but also remind people than maybe one day a pig may fly.

Tiger’s eye is a golden to red-brown stone of quartz. Tiger’s eye gain their silky, lustrous appearance from the quartz crystals and altered amphibole fibres that have mostly turned into limonite. Found in Australia, Myanmar, India, Namibia, South Africa and the USA.

Thought to be a symbol of protection, strength, confidence, bravery and good fortune, Roman soldiers wore this stone on their breastplates when they went to battle for protection. They believed the stone would give them the strength and patience of an actual tiger. The gem was also worn as protection keeping, the wearer safe against curses.

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All my crystals and stones are personally selected by me for their quality, shape, colour and the best quality for a good price. The Specimen you receive will be the exact one displayed in the picture. Because of the difference between digital platforms there may be a slight difference from the colour you see to the actual stone.