Citrine Tree of Life Pendant


Silver plated Citrine tree of life

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Citrine Tree of Life Pendant silver plated with tumbled stone chips

We hand select each gemstone and each piece is a one of a kind .

Citrine is the golden variety of quartz and comes in shades of yellow, orange, and brown. In ancient times, people believed that citrine gemstones could calm tempers, soothe anger and manifest desires, especially prosperity and referred to citrine as the “merchant’s stone” or the “money stone” because they believed it could bring prosperity to individuals.
If you are looking for a change or a spark of imagination, grasping this stone each day and letting the universe hear your goals will amplify its energies. It is about changing from about thinking or wanting to focusing and doing. Citrine concentrates our root chakra bringing our desires to life.
Citrine has a deep connection with Mother Earth and our root chakra. When you meditate with Citrine, try doing so outside especially during dawn or dusk (Earth’s most potent times) when all her energies are easily accessible.

As a natural stone the colour and shape may vary.

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