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Fire and Ice quartz properties

Fire and ice quartz sample
Fire and ice quartz sample


Quartz and its many sub types, are one of the most common crystals found across the world. However, Fire and Ice quartz is found only in Brazil. Fire and ice quartz is identified by its characteristic of a hexagonal crystal structure and internal fissures. When the light hits these, it gives the appearance of rainbows within the crystalline matrix.

During the crystal’s formation, the trace elements and impurities can create a wide range of colours and varieties. It is the silicon dioxide mineral with the surface that exhibits a glassy lustre.

Fire and Ice Quartz do not have a significant cleavage, meaning it does not break along specific planes. Instead, it displays a conchoidal fracture, resulting in curved, shell-like surfaces when broken.

Crystals of natural Fire-ice quartz are rare, whilst manufactured specimens are common and are widely known as Crackle quartz.

Fire and Ice is a stone of new beginnings and profound growth. It encourages you to cut through the old to reveal the soul’s purpose and showing how we create our own reality. Opening the third eye and assisting kything (two-way psychic communication) facilitates connecting with different timelines, endless possibilities and seeing the beauty.

Fire and Ice Quartz Chakras.

Fire and quartz are perfect for activating the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. It can counter negative energy and as an amulet against evil energy. Helping you regain positive emotions. Enabling a person to acquire information and spiritual guidance making your thoughts clearer and ideas to flow more easily.

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