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Champagne Aura Quartz

champagne aura specimen
champagne aura specimen

Champagne Aura Quartz is also called Smokey Aura/ Smoky Aura and Majestic Champagne Aura Quartz. It is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum chamber and infused with vaporized Gold & Indium. Champagne Aura and Indigo Aura both contain Gold and Indium,. The precious metals condense onto the surface of the quartz crystal to form a permanent bond with the  quartz  ensuring that the champagne yellow colour remains vibrant and does not fade over time.

Champagne Aura Quartz activates and connects the Sacral Chakra through to the Crown Chakra.

Champagne Aura  helps to ground higher spiritual ideas into physical reality.

This type of aura quartz undergoes a slightly different process from other varieties.

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