Sodalite Statement piece SOWIN


You will be impressed with this Sodalite Statement piece at nearly 300mm tall and almost 6 kg

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If you admire or desire Sodalite you will be impressed with this Sodalite Statement piece.  Standing at nearly 300 mm tall and weighing almost 6 kg it is a substantial piece and will become a focal point in a display.  The specimen has natural (rough) sides with the top sculpted to a point  and then polished to a high lustre.

An excellent stone for the mind, Sodalite eliminates mental confusion and helps to bring intuitive rational thoughts into focus. Sodalite is supportive in calming you, creating space for new insights and clearing away the clouds of the mind. Logic, truth and inner peace pave the way for wonderful emotional well-being with the Sodalite stone.  

A beautiful gift for yourself or for another. Sodalite is a aligned with the Sagittarius zodiac sign ( November 23rd and December 21st) or just anyone whom appreciates wearing crystal jewellery or need a boost of soothing energy.

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This specimen is 290mm tall x  120.03mm long x 135.41mm wide and weighs 5800 grams

All my crystals and stones are personally selected by me for their quality, shape, colour and the best quality for a good price. The Specimen you receive will be the exact one displayed in the picture. Because of the difference between digital platforms there may be a slight difference from the colour you see  to the actual stone.

Additional information

Weight 5800 g
Dimensions 120.03 × 135.41 × 290 mm