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The Mythical Continent of Lemuria

Lemuria is a legendary ancient continent believed to have been in the Indian Ocean. Like Atlantis it is believed to have suffered a traumatic event and was then lost to the oceans.

It is believed Lemuria was a highly advanced civilisation and regarded as the origins of humanity. The people of Lemuria are said to have used crystals for healing and telling the future.  It’s believed they predicted the end of their world, so they used crystals to store and preserve their knowledge and traditions. This knowledge will be passed to people whom hold these crystals in their hands.

On many quartz and some corundum minerals, small triangles can be seen on the surface of the crystal.  In metaphysical circles, these triangles are believed to transform the crystal into a ‘record keeper’.   Record keepers are crystals believed to be able to store and release information that has been programmed into them. They’re often visible on Lemurian quartz.

From a scientific perspective, the small triangles on the surface are part of the crystal’s growth. A crystal grows as atoms stack on top of each other in an organised repeating pattern.  The triangles are stacks of atoms that would have covered the entire face of the crystal had it continued to grow undisturbed. Although present on all crystals, they’re not always visible because they’re too small.    

It was first mentioned in 1864 In an article for a science journal by British lawyer and zoologist Philip Sclater.  He was trying to establish why so many different species of lemur existed in Madagascar yet were found in limited numbers in other parts of the world. He claimed lemurs originated in Madagascar but spread to Africa and Asia using a land bridge or continent.

He claimed the continent which he named ‘Lemuria’ has since broken up into hundreds of smaller islands.  He said some are now part of Africa and Asia whilst others have integrated with Madagascar and other islands in the Pacific Ocean.

In the “Geography of Mammals” published in 1899 Sclater wrote;

This fact would seem to show that the ancient “Lemuria”, as the hypothetical continent which was originally the home of the Lemurs has been termed, must have extended across the Indian Ocean and the Indian Peninsula to the further side of the Bay of Bengal and over the great islands of the Indian Archipelago.”

Also, within the book:

The probable primeval home or “Paradise” is here assumed to be Lemuria, a tropical continent at present lying below the level of the Indian Ocean, the former existence of which in the tertiary period seems very probable from numerous facts in animal and vegetable geography. But it is also very possible that the hypothetical “cradle of the human race” lay further to the east (in Hindostan or Further India) or further to the west (in eastern Africa).”

In 1888 , the lost continent of Lemuria was mentioned again in a book published by a Russian medium whom claimed Lemuria was the cradle of one of the seven races of humanity.

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