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Getting ready for the rally. Parp! Parp! The open road!

Advanced level Timberkits require a lot  more skill, patience and time making them more satisfying when complete.

Automata kits are ingenious and fascinating combinations of wooden parts and mechanical linkages. Supplied as a kit of parts with assembly diagrams and glue; building each model is an education and the result wonderfully entertaining. The kits are a joy to make for all ages from 9 to 90 years; younger children can get involved with adult help.

All the wooden parts come from sustainable forestry and are fully machined with no further need for specialist tools.

Finished model dimensions: Width: 120mm, Height: 260mm, Depth: 180mm.

When you have finished, you can bring your model to life with one of the universal drive kits; either battery mains power.

Key Features

  • Have fun building this wooden mechanical model.
  • Watch the wheels wobble and the driver move as you turn the handle
  • Great way to learn about cams and linkages.
  • All wooden construction, no additional tools required.
  • Paint or decorate if desired.
  • For all ages, 9 years to 90 years
  • Confident level kits require a little more skill and patience.
  • All kits include assembly diagrams and glue.

Add paint to your model to really bring it to life.

Finished model dimensions:
Width: 210mm
Height: 245mm
Depth: 170mm