Tetris like bookshelf

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We have here is a classic item of the 80’s that is still an iconic set of symbols today – Tetrominos  the mathematical shape that formed the basis of the classic game Tetris – a tile-matching video game created by Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984.

Whilst we hold no ambitions to produce an electronic version, we do have a set of Tetrominos that can be fitted together to make a very imaginative and useful statement piece for you house or home office. We have all 7 of the Tetromino shapes  which can be used to make a shelving system to fit most wall sizes.  We make our Tetrominos in three basic sizes 200mm, 300 mm and 450 mm. We can make smaller sizes (e.g. 150 mm but that is only really suitable for CD/DVD storage but even that is a bit “retro” in the digital era.

We also supply the Tetromino’s  with a back or backless. Backless blocks allow you to show off any wallpaper or colour scheme.  Because of the size and weight of the Tetrominos and what is put inside them we advise that they are fixed together with screws and also fixed to a wall.  To make this easier we provide connector, screws and brackets.

To make the system even easier to use, we supply shelves for each Tetromino and have predrilled the inside of the shapes so that you can fit shelf support pegs to adjust the height of each shelf.

We try to avoid MDFas much as possible because we are still not convinced about its safety in the home or its ability to be recycled.  Therefore, we construct the Tetrominos out of wood /plywood as this we believe provides an all round better products for us, you and the environment.

Rather than sell an inflexible fixed product (which isn’t the point of Tetrominos) we sell one basic pack and to make things even easier, each piece can be bought separately for the same price.