Space Girl soap sponge



Gone are the days of squeezing shower gel onto a sponge, for half of it to go down the drain and then having to re-apply. This no fuss multi-functional sponge is ready to use straight out of the container! Massage, lather, rinse.. done!

Our Soap Sponges are great at gently exfoliating before you tan, and also amazing at removing unwanted leftover tan after! No fuss running around looking for exfoliator, cloth/sponge, grab your Soap Sponge and you’re good to go!
All of our soaps are made from vegetable based glycerin; our Soap Sponges are no exclusion! They are all 100% vegan friendly, against animal testing and hand made in the UK!

Simply wet the sponge with warm water, when you have used the same leave to dry and re set.