Septarian Specimen


This specimen like it has been splattered with molten gold on  solid grey background.. When backlit it is even more impressive and  s a statement piece to would enhance any collection .

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Often a crystal or gem stone is said to be “one of a kind”, it is certainly the case with Septarian. No two specimens are comparable in colours or pattern even slices cut from the same nodule vary greatly.  Each one is a statement piece and would enhance any collection especially as nobody would have one similar.  This specimen has a random yellow quart z like veining  which looks like the specimen has been splattered with molten gold on a solid grey background. When backlit it is even more impressive.

In many cultures, septarian stones were considered protective talismans, believed to shield their owners from negative energies and promote harmony and balance.

Septarian is associated with the throat chakra, the energy centre related to communication and self-expression. Believed to empower individuals to communicate more effectively, both verbally and non-verbally.

For more information on Septarian, see our post Here

height 13.37mm  x length 160mm x width 140mm and weighs 645 grams

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Weight 645 g
Dimensions 160 × 140 × 13.37 mm


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