Selenite Small Unicorn Charging


This is a  Selenite star charging castle tower which is perfect to hold your tumble stones whilst they are being charged.

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Most crystals could be described as a tool either to help you relax, gain confidence etc.   Selenite is a dual purpose tool that can clear blockages in your energy field, and direct high-frequency energy into the body, promoting spiritual growth and mental clarity and also is believed to have the power to cleanse and charge other crystals.

Named after the Ancient Greek goddess of the moon (Selene)  from the Greek selēnítēs líthos literally “moon stone.”

It is believed that pure white light is encapsulated within Selenite. Selenite restores our own auric field and spiritual body and cleanses any environment in which it is placed. It is a favourite stone to remove negative energies that have been picked up during our daily routines.

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103.54mm high x 37.84mm long x 37.84mm wide and weighing 125 grams

Additional information

Weight125 g
Dimensions37.84 × 37.84 × 103.54 mm

42 mm, 62 mm