Rustic toilet holder

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Well this truly one of a kind. These are made from reclaimed beams and bear the marks of time and wear. Each item is cleaned,  TP holders cut and then cleaned again and given a preserving and nourishing coat of natural wax.  The wax not protects the timber but also brings out the natural colours.

Our versions typically stand 900 cm, which means the top roll is around 26 inches (66 cm) from the floor. Whilst the unit can be freestanding , we also provide clips of convention screw fixing and Heavy duty velcro.  We can also cut the back to fit over a skirting board if you message us with height.

**We did see a version made from reclaimed/new railway sleepers. Never, ever bring in any treated wood like that into the home especially a small space like a toilet or bathroom as the fumes can make you really ill.