Rolls and Crosses – toilet roll holder





Whist toilet rolls are undeniably practical they are not fun. So why not inject a bit of quirkiness in the bathroom with our “Rolls and Crosses” display. We have taken the design that was popular on the internet and replaced the simple “X” which took up space and whilst good looking took up space that didn’t contribute to storage. So we changed them to drawers and mounted the “X”‘s to the front so can have the same effect.

Each frame is supplied with 4 “X”’s to arrange as you wish in the frames. The “X”s are available in 2 styles and 4 colours with either simple wooden “X”s or with hidden drawers behind the “X”.

The solid wood frames can be ordered with grey, white or black frames with complimentary “X” colours in white, black, yellow, red or blue. The frames can hold the most luxurious of toilet rolls and the overall size being 50 cm square. The frame can be fixed to the walls with screws or if you have tiled walls and prefer not to drill into them you can use our genuine Velcro branded heavy duty tape.