Patchouli backflow cone


Stamford Incense Cones lift you up with delicately romantic scent and give gorgeous relaxation. The wonderful fragrance is smooth and long-lasting, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. To create the perfect mood or atmosphere at home you need look no further than the Stamford Incense Cones range. These incense cones are made with the best quality ingredients that will be sure to enhance any occasion.


Fragrance your home with these Patchouli scented incense cones which are designed to be used with backflow incense holders. Backflow incense holders push the smoke down so that it cascades downwards.

These are hand-rolled, top quality incense cones, made from resins and plant material. They burn for approximately 30 minutes per cone.

This recyclable pack contains approximately 12 cones. The cones are vegan and cruelty free.

To enjoy your incense cone, light the tip of the cone and wait until it glows, then blow the flame out, place it on your backflow incense holder and relish the fragrance. For safety always place on an incense holder before use.