Natural Wood Crate

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One of the most useful and understated and under utilised storage item is the humble crate. Once the mainstay of the agricultural and industrial processes they are not so prolific since the introduction of plastic.
However, as anyone whom has purchased and then shortly realised, unless they are really heavy duty, plastic crates have a very short life as they crack and shatter and then inevitably end in landfill because many can not be recycled.

On the other hand, our crates are made from completely natural materials and can be repaired and repurposed over there many years of ownership.
Wooden crates are perfect to use them for example in stores, as a shop window dressing or a storage boxes to keep the flowers, fruits and vegetables in them. You can also use crates to arrange a bookshelf, decoration living room or a patio.

When we originally started trading at craft events we made crates out of the off cuts and used them to not only transport the products but to use them to form a table and shelves to display to products. During the shows we would get enquiries from other craft makers asking where we bought the crates and ended up selling the empty ones. Which after a while prompted us to produce and sell our own versions based on traditional designs.

We do several versions to for different needs. We have slatted crates which are good for display and keeping the air circulated around the contents and solid base and/or sides which are ideal for containing smaller items which can fall out through the gaps in the slats.
Some versions of the crates have curved handles, rope handles or no handles.

We can finish the crates in many different finishes from natural unfished pine, waxed, distressed whitewash, painted, stencilled or printed with a traditional produce pattern and even a flamed (burnt) wood finish! Of course, any combination of the finishes. Some people like a chalk board square on the end so they can label the crate contents.

Our boxes are very strong solid and made with either recycled timber or FSC certified wood. We do not use commercially treated timber as this is quite harmful to not only the products being stored but also for us when working with it. If you want to use your crates outside let us know and we can apply an environmentally friendly preservative during their construction

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No gap base, Slatted on the bottom

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