Lepidolite Puff Star Pendant


A Lepidolite Flat puff star, pendant cut into a five pointed star and polished to be smooth and kind to your skin and sit flat on the chest

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This is a Lepidolite puff Star pendant, which has been cut into a five pointed star and then polished to be smooth and kind to your skin. Because of its design it will sit flat on the chest.

Lepidolite is a soft lilac coloured stone with extremely high vibrations. It is believed to work on the brain’s pain centres helping to alleviate bipolar disorder and helping to stabilise mood swings

Lepidolite is said to be excellent for the menopause, stress, depression, despondency, obsessive thinking and confusion. It is also said to stimulate the intellect and to help you to focus on what is important. Placed under your pillow, or by the side of your bed, Lepidolite is said to help overcome insomnia

Placed directly on the body Lepidolite is said to ease joint problems, to numb sciatica, to relieve allergies and to strengthen the immune system. It is also said to be beneficial in treating illnesses caused through ‘sick building syndrome’.

Lepidolite activates the Throat, Heart, Brow and Crown Chakra bringing cosmic awareness and aiding deep meditation by clearing unwanted debris from the mind.

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