Hematite Jewelry




Hematite colours are highly variable being red, brown, grey, black or silver. The surprising thing about hematite is that when it is ground into a fine powder it is always red! It is amazing that a black or especially a silver mineral becomes red when it is powdered!

Hematite was originally called haematite referencing medical terms related to blood. These often begin with hemo- or hemato- from the Greek word αἷμα (haima). The symbology of the name is mainly because Hematite is commonly a deep red coloured stone similar in colour to blood.

Because of this association with blood, for thousands of years Hematite was worn as protection for wounds. It was believed to have the power to stop bleeding as well as prevent excessive loss during childbirth. Today, people have a belief that wearing hematite will keep the blood healthy and to cure blood-related diseases.

Hematite has been used in magic for over 3000 years. In ancient Babylon, it was carried by warriors for strength to overcome enemies and was believed to help cause stone walls to fall. In the Ancient Rome, this stone was a popular stone for decorative purposes. Weapons, armour, and jewellery decorated with this stone were widely traded.

In the middle ages, hematite acted as a farmer’s talisman and was worn in the belief that the stone strengthened their crops. In the 13th Century, hematite was engraved with a figure of a bat and then worn by magicians who believed it strengthened their spells.

Hematite on Mars?

NASA has discovered that hematite is one of the most abundant minerals in the rocks and soils on the surface of Mars. This concentration of hematite in Martian rocks gives the landscape its distinctive reddish brown colour in the night sky.  Hence the origin of Mars’ nickname of the “Red Planet”

What are the benefits of hematite?

Just as the amethyst, the energy of this stone is earthy and it is amongst the best stones that can harness and balance the power of the earth element. This gives you strength as well as dispelling negativity.

It is a powerful stone which is believed to aid in overall healing, courage (especially for women), legal matters, alertness, vivacity, wealth, strength, power, business and agriculture. It calms fears, eliminates anger and fosters peace.

Hematite Jewelry 

Capturing the powers of Hematite in well known talismanic shapes creates not only beautiful jewelry but also a spiritual benefit. We have a wide range of shapes and styles of Hematite  jewellery. Many of which are combined with other  stones and metals to appeal to many different tastes.