Green Banded Agate Tumblestone small


Green Banded Agate is so popular due to its unique shape and smoothness making it perfect to keep close to you either in a bag, pocket or your bra.

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Green Banded Agate  is one of my most popular stone amongst my customers. I usually have many pieces in stock. These are some of the smaller specimens. Whilst some would see this as a disadvantage,  it does mean they are easier to keep close in your pocket or bag and because of their smooth shape they are ideal for bra crystals.

Made from silicon dioxide, it has a glassy (vitreous) lustre, and is often used to make brooches and pins. It can also resist acids and has been used to make mortars and pestles to press and combine chemicals.

Many Agates originate in cavities of molten rock, where gas bubbles trapped in solidifying lava are replaced with alkali and silica bearing solutions. Formed as a banded round nodule (like the rings of a tree trunk) and has bands of colours of bands – Riband Agate.

For more information on banded agate, see my post Here

All my crystals and stones are personally selected by me for their shape, colour and the best quality for a good price.  Because of the differences between digital platforms there may be a slight difference from the colour you see to the actual stone.