Giant barn star (barnstar)



We have our own range of giant stars or Barnstars from around 60 cm to barn sized 1.8m !

A barnstar (yes, the call a barn star, a barnstar, primitive star, or Pennsylvania star) is a painted object or image, often in the shape of a five-pointed star but occasionally has a circular “wagon wheel” style rim, used to decorate a barn in some parts of the United States. They have no structural purpose but considered lucky, like horseshoes over doorways. They are common in Pennsylvania (and Ontario, Canada) amongst the German American farming communities.

Barnstars were meant to represent the mark of the builder and were added to the building after construction was complete.
The colour of the star also had some significance:

  • Black: Protection and used to blend or bind elements together.
  • Blue: Protection, peace, calmness and spirituality.
  • Brown: Mother earth, friendship and strength.
  • Green: Growth. Fertility, success and ideas that grow.
  • Orange: Abundance in Career, projects and matters needing an added push.
  • Red: Emotions, passion, charisma, lust and creativity.
  • Violet: Things that are sacred
  • White: Purity, powers of the moon, allows energy to flow freely
  • Yellow: Health in body and mind, love of man and the sun, connection to God.

We can provide the star in any of the colours above and in any of the sizes and finishes.