Fish Eye Jasper heart


A Fish Eye Jasper heart with its resemblance to fish eyes and the ripples on the surface of water. Associated with tranquillity and waters calming energy

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This is another prime specimen from my crystal hearts collection.   This Fish Eye Jasper heart is one of the many ornate types jasper. The name is from its resemblance to fish eyes. Whilst it is in the shape of a heart, it may not sound a romantic or thoughtful gift. However, read further the description below and my additional text in the link.

Fish Eye Jasper is distinguished by its intricate patterns, which resemble the eye of a fish or the ripples on the surface of water. These patterns are often concentric circles or orbs that create a sense of movement within the stone. The colours can be earthy greens and blues to browns and greys, mirroring ocean.

The stone is often associated with tranquillity, balance, and the calming energy of water. Some believe that Fish Eye Jasper can aid in promoting a sense of flow and adaptability, much like the rhythmic movement of the tides.

It is also thought to help open and activate the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras and to help its user become aware of the flow of energy within the body.

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I personally select all my crystals and stones primarily for their shape, colour and the best quality for a competitive price. The Specimen you will receive is definitely the one featured in the picture. Because of the differences between digital platforms, there may be a slight difference from the colour you see to the actual stone.