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An Amethyst cluster has been shaped with the purple core,  a highly polished clear crystal corona complimented by the polished glass finish black backing

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Amongst my hand picked Amethyst collection, we have a few items which even amongst the high quality pieces stand out. This Amethyst cluster is one of those pieces that has something different to all the other pieces.  The crystal has been shaped with the usual purple amethyst core but with an added highly polished clear crystal corona . All complimented by the black backing which has been beautifully polished to almost a glass finish. A truly exceptional piece.

Amethyst is one of the most famous and prominent quartz crystals because of its beautiful coloration as well as its spiritual and literal meaning.

The colour purple has historically been associated with royalty due to the costly process and expensive nature of making purple dye. As a stone of royalty, it was used in crowns, sceptres, and jewellery by the royal house because it helped leaders with decision-making

Amethyst guards the wearer from all types of harm, transforming negative energy and ill wishes from others.  into love. Amethyst is naturally calming and relieves stress and strain and stabilises the mood, removing irritability, anger, rage etc  but also fear and anxiety.  It can lift the mood by reducing sadness and grief.

Amethyst works with two Chakras; the Third Eye  and  Crown Chakra

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The Amethyst cluster is 220mm high x 114.98mm long x 122.13mm wide and weighing 3215 grams and the height with stand is 290mm

All my crystals and stones are personally selected by me for their quality, shape, colour and the best quality for a good price. The Specimen you receive will be the exact one displayed in the picture. Because of the difference between digital platforms there may be a slight difference from the colour you see  to the actual stone.

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Weight 3125 g
Dimensions 114.98 × 122.13 × 290 mm