Empathy activation cards


The Empathy activation cards is an oracle deck and guidebook set/. Enabling you to awaken your cosmic vision by activating your light codes and frequency

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The Empathy activation cards is a full-colour oracle deck and guidebook. This will enable you to activate your light codes, raise your frequency and awaken to your cosmic mission.

The Empathy activation cards received the 2022 Coalition of Visionary Resources Silver Award and the CARTA Awards Best Guidebook Accompanying a Deck, 2nd Runner Up

The set Includes 44 full colour cards with embedded frequencies and sacred geometric symbols & patterns from nature and the cosmos.

All the cards represent 4 distinct initiatory paths, which can act as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence, helping you in the next steps of your soul’s purpose. Naturally, this is explained in the guidebook.

The guidebook also explains for each card, its meaning and message and includes a ritual activity, such as an incantation, guided journaling, meditation, or ceremony, to help you engage more deeply with the messages the card offers.

Presenting high-vibration activational messages, this oracle deck and book set is designed to help you remember your true nature as a being of light, access your cosmic mission, and raise your vibratory frequency.

Rev. Stephanie Red Feather hand-painted the art on each of the 44 full-colour cards, imbued with sacred geometric symbols and patterns from nature and the cosmos, to serve as a tool of transmission, engaging you on multiple levels of consciousness and allowing you to receive whatever activation, message, or inspiration from Source you need in the moment.

The art is intentionally embedded with activational frequencies to help you “turn on” your light codes, retrieve ancient wisdom stored in your soul’s memory from enlightened times, and transmit signals from Source, which land like seeds in the mind and flower into higher knowledge.

In the accompanying guidebook, Red Feather explains how the oracle can be used as a self-guided initiation into the mysteries of higher consciousness. Drawing on astrophysics, biology, geology, quantum mechanics, as well as ancient mystical traditions, she shows how the cards can be divided into four groups, each representing a distinct initiatory path and acting as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence.

Offering a hands-on tool to discover and activate the next steps of your cosmic mission, this oracle helps you prepare your light body for the next octave of your soul purpose on Earth as well as drawing you into higher, wider, and deeper dimensions of consciousness.