Demons Lust incense cones


Fill your desired space with the aroma of these Demons lust incense cones providing a  delicately romantic scent with a gorgeous relaxation fragrance

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Fill your desired space with the aroma of these Demons lust incense cones. Demons lust has a delicately romantic scent and gives a gorgeous relaxation fragrance. Designed to be used with backflow cone holders because they make the smoke cascade downwards.

Incense is an inexpensive way of adding fragrance and ambience to your home and is still one of the most popular ways to add fragrance to your home or workplace and is a great gift to give to your friends and family. Especially great for unwinding at night after a busy day, this range of aromatic incense cones will make a lovely treat for you.

Stamford is one of the leading manufacturers of fragrance products in the world. Stamford incense is traditionally hand-crafted in Karnataka, India from ethically-sourced materials and is packaged in London in boxes made from 100% recycled paper. The Stamford incense brand is fair trade and certified vegan.

Each Demons lust incense cones pack contains approximately 12 cones. Each cone height is 3.5cm to 4cm

Simply light the tip of the Incense cone and wait for it to glow. Then blow out the flame and place in a backflow incense  cone holder for beautiful fragrance throughout your home. For more detailed information on incense cones, see my post Here