Dalmatian jasper tumblestone


Dalmatian Jasper is named after the dog  because  both have numerous distinctive spots. A nurturing stone because it can bring out our inner child

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There is a region in Croatia called Dalmatia where you would assume Dalmatian Jasper originated from. Because of its numerous spots it was actually named after the dog of the same name.

Tumblestones are an important part of my standard stock and I usually have many Dalamatian and other tumblestones in stock.

Tumblestones or tumbled stones are created by putting stones in a large revolving cylinder. This is then spun with grit at a low speed for an exceptionally long time. This creates a polished surface that is pleasant to hold and brings out the best of the stones colour and patterns. Tumblestones are a wonderful way to get to know and experience crystals in an inexpensive way. Because of their compact size they are perfect for healing and grid making.

Dalmatian Jasper is known as a nurturing stone because it can bring out the child within. It is also believed to develop a calm sense of tranquillity and control enabling a clear mind to reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses. This is a great stone for the over analytical or paranoid enhancing decisiveness, and increasing organisational skills. It also works great for pet trainers, or parents due to its ability to calm and influence animals and children.

Its black inclusions are black tourmaline, giving it protective and grounding properties. Th tourmaline aids in its ability to transmute electromagnetic frequencies; blocking environmental pollution and radiation.

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I personally select all my crystals and stones primarily for their shape, colour and the best quality for a competitive price. The Specimen you will receive is definitely the one featured in the picture. Because of the differences between digital platforms, there may be a slight difference from the colour you see to the actual stone.