Corn Hereford Lantern



This Corn Dolly is known as Herefordshire lantern which gives a clear clue as to its origins. One of the many regional designs from across England and Wales.

As with most corn dollies, it is a fertility symbol, given to new homeowners as a house blessing, good luck token or to newly married brides as unique wedding gift!

This item has been beautifully plaited from a heritage wheat variety using traditional techniques and can be trimmed with ribbon.
As each item is individually hand made from natural materials and will vary slightly in size and colour.
Corn (straw work) shapes and figures were originally a pagan symbol of fertility and good fortune for the following year. Always made from the last sheaves of corn harvested, capturing the spirit of the crop to carry over into the next year. Corn figures have become mainstream and carried over into the Christian Harvest Festival.