Cappuccino Calcite point CAPPAC


This is a Cappuccino Calcite calcite specimen which has been cut and formed into a point, polished and the sides left with a natural surface.

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One of my extensive range Cappuccino Calcite specimens. This one is a combination stone, which in addition to the natural rough sides, has been cut and formed into a polished point.

Cappuccino calcite is characterised by its creamy white, light and dark brown hues. Which along with the stripes, makes these especially visually striking. Definitely, a powerful addition to any collection.

Cappuccino calcite is considered to be a stone of peace and tranquillity and the crown chakra. The crown chakra in particular, is the energy centre of spirituality and higher consciousness.

This is believed to help people connect with their higher selves and to gain new insights and perspectives. Secondly, it can help to calm the mind and to reduce anxiety and stress.

This specimen is 87.16mm high x 48.80mm long x 78.01mm wide and weighs 325 grams

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I personally select all my crystals and stones primarily for their shape, colour and the best quality for a good price. The Specimen you will receive is definitely the one featured in the picture. Because of the differences between digital platforms there may be a slight difference from the colour you see to the actual stone.

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Weight325 g
Dimensions48.08 × 78.01 × 87.16 mm