Banded agate tumblestone regular


Banded Agate is popular being very pretty, pack a lot of power and are very economical on the budget. A perfect stone to keep with you at all times.

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Banded Agate are ever so popular amongst seasoned afficionados and new enthusiasts because they are very pretty, pack a lot of power and are very economical on the budget

Agate was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher who is believed to have discovered the gem on the banks of the river Achates (today called Cirilo), in the province Ragusa in Sicily in the 4th century BC. The gemstone was later mentioned in the Bible as one of the “stones of fire”.

Made from silicon dioxide, it has a glassy (vitreous) lustre, and is often used to make brooches and pins. It can also resist acids and has been used to make mortars and pestles to press and combine chemicals.

there are many different colours of agate, there are blue, green pink and purple agates. Each with their own properties:

Blue-green agates are usually artificially made glass and has not therapeutic properties

Green agates enhance mental and emotional flexibility and improves decision making. it is also useful in resolving disputes.

Pink agate promotes love between parent and child. position over the heart for optimum effect.

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