Aromatherapy incense stick gift set


An Aromatherapy incense stick gift set to assist with a specific aromatherapy  energising, meditation, refreshing, relaxing, sensuality and stress relief

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An Aromatherapy incense stick gift set with 6 themed pack, Each pack is designed to assist with a specific aroma therapy practice

  • Energising – carefully selected energising incense to help to provide a stimulating and powerful atmosphere with a warm vibe.
  • Meditation – a combination of relaxing scents for creating a warm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere.
  • Refreshing – a blend of the most refreshing scents to help create an invigorating atmosphere and help revitalise the body and senses.
  • Relaxing – a combination of premium scents to provide a sense of relaxation and to sooth the body.
  • Sensuality – combinations of the best fragrances to create a sensual atmosphere, providing the perfect romantic tone.
  • Stress Relief – a combination of lavender, orange, blossom and thyme. These oils are chosen for there calming and relaxing properties.

Each pack contains 20x sticks of each individual scent.

For safety and to get the best our of them, Incense sticks should only be used with an appropriate holder. I have a wide range of holders Here

For incense stick lighting and safety guides see my post Incense stick origins, lighting and safety