Aragonite specimen ARAGC


Aragonite are rare this is one of my  “sputnik” variety specimens from Morocco.

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Aragonite is one of the most useful minerals on our planet. It has been used over many centuries to treat severe illnesses and is a favourite tool of herbalists and healers.

Aragonite is considered a rare stone. The most valued samples in jewellery are the ones that have a cluster (inflorescences) called” the Iron Flower”. The most common Aragonites on the market are the “sputnik” variety from Morocco. They always display a golden brown to hue but can also appear colourless.

For a newcomer to crystals and stones, Aragonite is one of the most powerful stones they can get hold of. The potent energies help activate and align the entire chakra column to promote inner balance, mental clarity, and transformation. Aragonite’s vibrations can push you to make changes in your daily life to promote confidence, self-healing and self-improvement.

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58.48mm high x 49.87mm long x 64.94mm wide and weighing 230 grams

Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 49.87 × 64.94 × 58.48 mm


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