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This is a Agate nodule thick slice which is cut thickly to  appreciate the shape of the original nodule and the face polished.

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This is an Agate Nodule Thick Slice is cut thicker than normal where the faces have been polished.. Because of its thickness you get to appreciate the shape of the original nodule.

Agate was mentioned in the Bible as one of the “stones of fire”.

Made from silicon dioxide, it has a glassy (vitreous) lustre, and is often used to make brooches and pins. It can also resist acids and has been used to make mortars and pestles to press and combine chemicals.

Many Agates originate in cavities of molten rock, where gas bubbles trapped in solidifying lava are replaced with alkali and silica bearing solutions. Formed as a banded round nodule (like the rings of a tree trunk) and has bands of colours of bands – Riband Agate.

In Wales,  agate is linked to who was the goddess of death and fertility. She is the queen of the west, of water and of the autumn season. Ceridwen is the creator of magic and the queen of witches.

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The agate nodule thick slice measures height 28.45mm x 92.85mm long x 103.79mm wide and weighing 480 grams

All my crystals and stones are personally selected by me for their quality, shape, colour and the best quality for a good price. The Specimen you receive will be the exact one displayed in the picture. Because of the difference between digital platforms there may be a slight difference from the colour you see  to the actual stone.

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Weight 480 g
Dimensions 92.85 × 103.79 × 28.45 mm