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Prepping this years display

One part of our business is having a mobile sales stand which we take to events and meet our customers. Each year we try to create a bigger and better show stand.

This year alongside the stand build we have the premises refurbishment. Ever keen to reuse and recycle, last year I acquired some pre owned (posh for second hand) display equipment some were ok but others were but a bit tatty.

Now, i have my workshop its time to sand all my display equipment repaint in a new standard colour. Trying to be as ecologically and environmentally friendly as possible in everything we do, we selected the paint along the same lines. However, to withstand the commercial world it also had to be durable and long lasting. We eventually decided on the Farrow & Ball because of the low or minimal VOC content in its paints. Based in Dorset, F&B dry waste from its manufacturing plant is either recycled or converted into energy. 97 per cent of its liquid waste is recycled. The entire range is rated A+ for interior air emissions from paint after 28 days of drying and curing. 

The current choice is going to be Wevet background with a floral stencil on the edges

Just got the 6 stands each 6f tall and 2 ft square to do before I start on the tables, wales and stands …….