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Painting the workshop

A job I have been putting off for months was complete this week – painting the workshop. It is an old stone building and the walls were already lime/whitewashed, so why go against history and use something modern.

So a quick internet search and it was off to our local builders merchant to get some Lime. 20 minutes later the mix is going on the wall. Must admit I was pleasantly surprised how good the finish was after the first coat. Especially after what it had to cover

And of course there are many benefits of using limewash. A natural product with zero waste, Lime’s high pH level means microorganisms can’t survive, which adds a hypoallergenic quality. Proponents also argue that limewash has a chemical makeup that removes odours (and harmful CO2), improving interior air quality.

** Please note the stylish safety googles ! . These are an essential for any lime work in order to prevent splashes into the eyes. Lime has a high pH and is therefore caustic. Avoid damage to the eyes by wearing safety glasses whenever handling and working with lime.

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