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lolite specimen

Iolite is derived from the Greek ‘ios’, meaning “violet”. But has been known as multiple different names; Cordierite, after French geologist Louis Cordier, Dichroite, due to a property known as ‘pleochroism’, whereby the colour (blue/violet) changes depending on how the gemstone is viewed. It’s also known as the Water Sapphire or the Stone of the Muses, because of its ability to unlock visions and unleash creativity and of course the Viking compass

the seafaring Scandinavians (Vikings) used iolite as a navigational aid. To determine the position of the sun, the Vikings used iolite as a polarisation filter.

It is believed Iolite is very effective in detoxification and can help you quit addictions. It may also help with heartburn, bloating, vomiting, and other disorders related to the bowels or stomach.

Iolite can aid in self-discovery, independence and if you are a traveller, guides you through stormy shores, and helps individuals navigate the depths of their souls, seeking new pathways of thought

Iolite resonates and boosts the functions of the third eye chakra. This stone carries great third eye energies, which is why it’s often used to access higher guidance and strengthen your intuition. You can then achieve mental clarity and visualise your goals and dreams.

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