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Fire and Ice quartz

Fire and ice quartz sample

Quartz is a common mineral found in abundance worldwide since ancient times. But Fire  and Ice crystal is only found in Brazil. It is known for its hexagonal crystal structure and is characterized by numerous internal fissures resulting in the appearance of rainbows within the crystalline matrix.

Clear Quartz Crystals can occur in a wide range of colours and varieties. It depends on impurities and trace elements present during its formation.

This silicon dioxide mineral exhibits a glassy lustre. Although, certain varieties may have different light shine. It has a greasy or silky appearance.

Fire and Ice Quartz do not have a significant cleavage, meaning it does not break along specific planes. Instead, it displays a conchoidal fracture, resulting in curved, shell-like surfaces when broken.

A natural Fire-ice quartz is rare, while a man-made one is common. The common fire ice quartz is widely known as Crackle quartz crystal.

Fire and Ice is a stone of new beginnings and profound growth, cutting through the old to reveal the soul’s purpose and showing how we create our own reality. Opening the third eye and assisting kything (two-way psychic communication) it facilities connecting with different timelines, endless possibilities and seeing the beauty

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