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Dragon bloodstone properties and lore

Dragons blood jasper, dragons bloodstone category
Dragons blood jasper, dragons bloodstone category

About Dragon bloodstone

Dragon Blood Jasper (AKA Dragon Stone and Dragon Bloodstone). It is comprised of Epidote and red Piedmontite. Because of this it is not a Jasper hence why the more common name for this is Dragonstone.
Dragon stone is primarily composed of two colours green (Epidote) and Red (Piedmontite). However, historic belief and hence its name, was that the stone was created from the fossilised remains of a dragon with the green from the skin and scales and the red from the dragons blood.

Dragon bloodstone lore

People believe the energy source kundalini is derived from a spirit animal like a dragon.
Dragon bloodstone is believed to contain kundalini energy which can be released by working with the stone.
Warriors in ancient cultures channelled their inner kundalini in preparation for battle. Today, it is more sought after to achieve your big goals in life and push through the challenges along the way.

It is believed that Dragon Bloodstone contains strong metaphysical in the form of great courage and adaptability. Ancient warrior rituals may have used these stones to bring release the kundalini spirit associated with dragon’s energy.

When the kundalini is activated, the body, mind and soul can become more resilient and able to cope with change. Enabling people to overcome hardships and protecting against self-doubt.

Meaning & Symbolism

People believe that Epidote increases the rate at which the heart heals and attracts the energy you exude.
Dragon Bloodstone main strengths is that it is full of compassion and enthusiasm. When the worked with, people can manifest adaptability and resilience.

Those who encounter these gemstones are energised with creativity and courage. As a result they become more adaptable and mentally strong. Enabling them to conquer whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

Those wishing to embark on spiritual journeys to seek deeper fulfilment are often drawn to Dragon Blood Jasper due to its remarkable ability to instil a powerful sense of passion, curiosity, and courage.

Spiritual growth can be gained from working with Dragon Bloodstone. Because it builds courage which enables us to explore our inner selves and even overcome previous emotional traumas. Once you have come to terms with your past experiences a deeper sense of sense of compassion towards both yourself and others can be achieved.


Whilst Dragon Blood Jasper can be used to clear all the chakras, it is most connected to the Root (Mujadara) and Heart (Anahata) chakras. It is believed that Dragon Bloodstone provides the strength and courage to help clear and rebalance the Root and Heart chakras.
If you want to pursue larger life goals, it is necessary to clear the Root chakra. Many things can contribute to a blocked heart chakra; stress, emotional pain and low self-confidence etc. These must be cleared to find the courage to love.


Colour: green and red, sometimes brown and white speckles
Meaning: Creativity, courage, strength, adaptability, compassion
Vibration number : 4 & 6
Chakras: Heart & Root
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Planet: Sun
Origin: South Africa & Australia

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