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The Chara Sands is a fourteen square mile area of sand dunes famous for a peculiar mountain where the intensely purple mineral charoite is mined. When a rail tunnel was constructed in the 1940s through the mountain the mineral was discovered.

Charoite’s appearance was so unusual that when it was first discovered, it was thought to be a fake. Many experts thought it must be dyed to appear such a strong shade of purple. It took many years for Charoite’s status as a genuine and unique mineral to be approved by the International Mineral Association in 1978. With its fibrous structure, Charoite can appear iridescent due and shimmery when polished with white flashes of tiny white feldspar

Some charoite specimens can have different coloured spots:

Black spots or sprays on Charoite stones are Aegirine. Aegirine occurs in all varieties of Charoite.

Green spots may be green feldspar.

Light spots. are Canasite

Yellow or brown is another unique mineral, Tinaksite discovered at the same time as Charoite.

Uniformly coloured lilac Charoite is called Beam Charoite which is used for high quality jewellery. However, Spotty Beam Charoite has the widest range of colours. The deep purple and lavender background emphasises the various coloured spots.

Charoite is a powerful healing stone, it is thought to convert negative emotions into positive actions. When we feel overwhelmed, Charoite reminds us that we have more power than we believe and inspire us to act with kindness and compassion.

Charoite is both a protective and an energising stone for empaths and healers. It channels our efforts toward enacting positive change and helping others. This stone reminds us that we cannot help others if we do not first take care of ourselves and to preserve our energy to avoid emotional exhaustion

Charoite is a stone for reflection and challenges us to learn from our experiences without harsh judgment.

A Stone of discovery and energy flow, Charoite helps us turn the ethereal realm into something we can grasp and use for practical, powerful change in our own lives and for the benefit of others.

Charoite is a stone of inner knowledge, harnessing energies and purifying the etheric body. Popular among healers and psychics, Charoite is thought to help one tolerate high-frequency vibrations and prevent psychic fatigue. Charoite draws on higher frequencies of the Earth’s energies, allowing it to be channelled into this realm through the beholder. In general, it assists the flow of energy through the body, removing blockages and preventing overstimulation.

Charoite activates Third Eye, crown and etheric chakra system is truly stretched to its limits when working with this stone especially when placed directly on the forehead. The energies released from within Charoite instantly activate the pineal gland and allows for a hasty development of trans dimensional vision. Through deep meditation with Charoite, one may soon receive symbolic imagery depicting aspects within our present life and be willing and able to accept the unwanted traits that we have. Charoite gives confidence and self-acceptance allowing you to find comfort in those around you.

Charoite is an excellent source for protection allowing only positive energy to pierce and penetrate your soul.

Chakras Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Solar Plexus, Etheric, Earthstar


Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Transformation, Stress Relief, Insight, Mastering Fear, Transmutation of Negative Energies, Trust, Aura Cleansing, Life Path, Spiritual Awakening, Self-Discipline, Bridging the Spiritual and Physical Worlds, Lucid Dreaming, Calming and Patience

Planets Jupiter, Neptune

Zodiacs Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Elements Wind

Colours Green, Purple, Black, White, Gold

Hardness 5 to 6

Chemical Formula (K, Sr, Ba, Mn)15-16(Ca, Na)32[Si70(O, OH)180(OH, F)4•nH2O

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