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Calendula Oil

Make your own soothing Calendula oil

One of the simplest and most natural healing products to make is Calendula oil.

Calendula has soothing properties which perfect to support wound healing and to nourish the skin. It’s often used for

For minor cuts. Scrapes, burns, sunburns, bug bites and other minor skin irritations. A more portable version is to make a thick calendula salve* from your oil that can be kept in your handbag, rucksack etc. 

Face and lip care Calendula oil is used as ingredient in many face creams and balms.   Infused calendula oil is the “secret ingredient” behind many beloved face serums and lip balms*

Nappy Rash Calendula oil applied to nappy rash, heals it very quickly. Even more so when combined with bentonite clay

Chapped/dry skin Calendula helps skin to retain healthy moisture levels and the oil helpfs nourish the skin

Salad dressing Calendula is not just good for the outside it is valued as easing digestive problems and has a subtle

Once you have made calendula oil, you can use this as a base for many other products

Ingredients for Calendula Oil

  • Dried Calendula
  • Olive oil
  • Glass jar with lid
  • Paper bag

That is all the ingredients.

Method                                                Time 4 to 6 weeks

This is preserves the best of the Calendulas properties to infuse in your oil.

  1. Put the Calendula petals in a clean, sterile and dry jar.
  2. Add your Olive oil the jar. The petals will float initially, so keep pouring until there is 25mm (1 inch) of clear liquid at the bottom. As the petals absorb the oil, they will soak this up. You may need to top up the oil level so that all the calendula is covered.
  3. Put the lid on and give it a shake.
  4. Put your jar in a paper bag and leave it on a warm, sunny window.
  5. Once a day give the jar a shake
  6. Once 4-6 weeks has passed, strain the liquid into a clean jar to remove the petals.
  7. Keep in a cool, dark cupboard until needed. It will last the same duration as your Olive oil 1 to 2 years if stored this way.

Safety Considerations

As with all things you are trying on your skin for the first time. Always test a small piece of skin first. If you are pregnant or have a serious condition, then always seek the advice of an appropriate medical professional. Calendula is classified as Safety Class 1A herb (Botanical Safety Handbook), the safest rating. However, persons who may be sensitive to the new imported and invasive plant ragweed may have a mild reaction

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