Bath fizz

Picture this… You get home from a long day at work to find the house is a mess and dinner hasn’t even been started, BUT IT’S OK! You take yourself upstairs and start to draw a hot, deep, bath. You sprinkle in some of your new Sense Aroma Bath Fizz and as the aroma fills your bathroom you feel instantly relaxed and the chaos downstairs seems to disappear from your memory. As you sink deeper into your aromatic bath your body releases the day’s tension and your mind has already taken a flight to the Bahama’s!

Inspired by our best selling Wax Melt scents, you can now have their favourite fragrances in Bath Fizz form…

Each bottle contains 3 bath bombs worth of fizz that will instantly add vibrancy and aroma to your bath time routine. Designed to maximise your relaxation efforts in the tub, you’ll be leaving the bathroom feeling serene and smelling divine!

Simply sprinkle a handful into your bath to instantly create a tub full of extravagant scent and enchanting