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Aragonite stone


Aragonite is one of the most useful minerals on our planet. It has been used over many centuries to treat severe illnesses and is a favourite tool of herbalists and healers.

Spanish legend tells the tale that Aragonite are the tears of a girl who was separated from the love of her life. The breakup was so painful that her tears falling on the ground turned into the Aragonite stone spikes. Ever people believe that the mineral is the keeper of the family hearth.

The wizards of the Middle Ages thought that hexagonal aragonite resembled the Seal of Solomon, a magic symbol. The legend is that Solomons seal (a ring) gave him power to command genies and speak with animals.

Ancient stonecutters also believed the stone had magical properties. Because when heated, it turned into a fine dust, a natural chemical reaction and evolved into calcite. Hence it was called the ’ever young stone.’

Aragonite has antimicrobial and wound-healing properties and rich in calcium

Lithotherapists believe the stone possesses powerful energetics.

Feng shui beliefs state that, aragonite products is essential everyone and that aragonite figurines should be placed within the house to attract happiness and wealth into the family. They should be at the same time located in a prominent position, near the window.

Aragonite is considered a rare stone. The most valued samples in jewellery are the ones that have a cluster (inflorescences) called” the Iron Flower”. The most common Aragonites on the market are the “sputnik” variety from Morocco. They always display a golden brown to hue but can also appear colourless. Other colours of Aragonite include white, green, red, violet, yellow and most recently blue from Chinese stalactites which can help people restore their self-confidence.

Aragonite is essential to the production of natural pearls as the mineral is a key component to the Shells. In the spas in the Czech Republic, the water is so concentrated with minerals that items left in the water become “fossilised” those objects acquire the pearly lustre.

Aragonite, also known as Golf ball or Sputnik Aragonite, is one of the three calcium carbonate minerals that naturally occurs within mother nature, the other two being Calcite and Vaterite.

For a newcomer to crystals and stones, Aragonite is one of the most powerful stones they can get hold of. The potent energies help activate and align the entire chakra column to promote inner balance, mental clarity, and transformation. Aragonite’s vibrations can push you to make changes in your daily life to promote confidence, self-healing and self-improvement.

Balance is a common theme used in ancient texts and martial arts. To achieve internal balance, one must truly be in touch with themselves while being able to be at peace with your surroundings. Through peace comes love, from love comes strength, and from strength comes balance.

Chakra Crown Third Eye Throat Heart Solar Plexus Sacral Root

Properties Trauma, Strength, Balance, Courage, Confidence, Grounding, Stress Relief, Higher Self, Focus, Alignment of Chakra, Expanded Awareness, Attunement with Higher Realms, Self- Healing, Mental Enhancement, Channelling and Grounding Higher Vibrations, Connection with Nature, Motivation, Anxiety Relief, Emotional Understanding, Interdimensional Communication

Planets Earth

Zodiacs Capricorn

Elements Storm

Colours Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Brown

Hardness 4

Chemical Formula Ca (CO3)

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