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Angel Aura Quartz

angel aura specimen
angel aura specimen

Angel Aura (Aura Lite) is Quartz that undergoes extreme heat (870 c) and then coated with metals (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) to create an iridescent glow. You get the power of metals and quartz in one crystal. They can be made in two ways:

  • Place a crystal specimen in a vacuum chamber. The quartz is heated and a metal vapour is added. The metal atoms fuse to the crystals surface giving an iridescent metallic sheen.
  • Using a natural electrostatic charge on the crystal to apply titanium molecules.

​Angel aura is created by bonding clear quartz with platinum and results in an iridescent white or clear stone sparkling with a pearl rainbow shine.

All aura crystals have a high extremely vibration healing energy that can be felt to the touch and used to enhance other minerals. The energies that radiate from this stone can provide a protective shield around one’s own aura. This can then provide inner peace, mental clarity, heightened intellect.

The connection this stone has with the angelic realm is a power to harmonise your vibrations to a level that allows you to contact your angels and spirit guides

Angel aura quartz enables you to improve your meditation so that you can discover divine knowledge and enjoy deep spiritual experiences.

It can bring love and light into any situation, promoting kindness, compassion, peace and calming. Being calm can assist you during all stages of pregnancy. If you suffer from morning sickness or the baby blues, carry or wear angel aura quartz to boost your mood and to remind you of the beauty and miracle of birth. Placed in a baby’s room with will help them to settle and sleep peacefully.

Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect stone to help when one may feel emotionally unstable or distressed or suffering heartache or emotional distress. Use alongside stones like Rhodonite, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Pink Halite, Rhodochrosite or Green Opal alongside Angel Aura. These pull trauma, grief, anger and pain out from your inner depths to the surface, easing the ache and leaving you free to continue

Angel Aura Quartz is a very strong mineral that may have too much energy potency. If this is an occurrence try pairing with grounding stones such as Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Garnet, Hematite, Bronzite.

Chakra Etheric, Crown


Meditation, Past Life Recall, Passion, PTSD, Opportunities, New Beginnings, Motivation, Mental Enhancement, Past Lives, Manifestation, Joy, Intuition, Interdimensional Communication, Intention Enhancement, Inspiration, Insight, Inner Vision, Inner Peace, Selflessness, Wisdom, Truth, Transformation, Stress Relief, Strength, Spiritual Awakening, Soothing, Higher Self, Sense of Purpose, Self-Discipline, Self- Healing, Self Discovery, Resolution, Relaxation, Psychic Abilities, Power, Peace of Mind, Alignment with the Higher Self, Bridging the Spiritual and Physical Worlds, Attunement With Higher Realms, Attunement, Attraction, Astral Travel, Ascension, Anxiety Relief, Angelic Communication, Ancient Knowledge, Calming and Patience, Dreams, Growth, Expansion, Expanded Awareness, Enlightenment, Energy Transfer, Enhancing, Empathy, Emotional Understanding, Creating Your Own Reality, Consciousness, Communication with Guides, Communication with Higher Realms, Clarity, Claiming Wholeness, Channelling and Grounding Higher Vibrations

Planets Moon, Sun

Zodiac Aries

Elements Wind

Colour Metallic, White, Silver, Colourless

Hardness 7

Chemical Formula SiO2

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