About us overview

In 2012 before Sian’s Emporium was born, one of the founders was involved in a life changing accident, this naturally took them out of the workplace and facing a long road to recovery.

The medical specialists suggested that to regain both their physical and mental skills they undertake craft and DIY projects. As their skills improved, so did the quality and ambition of the projects being completed. To continue to fund the rehabilitation we started selling the products to friends and family.

Soon it became apparent that this could be turned into a viable business and a way back to personal independence. In 2019, with a full workshop of products and plans for more, the business was launched.

However, in April 2019 fate decided to intervene and whilst driving our business van, they became the innocent victims of a road rage incident. The collision resulted in more life changing injuries and the rehabilitation journey commenced again.

When Coronavirus arrived in the UK and lockdown commenced, we found ourselves in an unusual position. We had large stocks of one of the most desired products in the UK – soap. However, with all our outlets closed, we could not sell it economically to our customers. Rather, than exploit the situation we offered our products to charitable organisations whom needed supplies.

Lockdown gave us a chance to expand our product range, revise our packaging and make our products even more environmentally friendly than before. We are now moving towards being a zero-waste company where sending things to landfill is not an acceptable option:

  • Our wooden offcuts get turned into smaller and smaller products.
  • When offcuts cannot be safely or economically used, the go into our wood burners to heat our property.
  • Packaging gets composted alongside our wood ash to grow our botanicals which we use in our products.
  • Even the sawdust gets recycled with our waste wax from our candle making to create environmentally sound fire starters.

We even recycle customer change for our charity schemes currently we support MacMillan

We take our social responsibilities quite seriously and have signed up to the following pledges

Equality Pledge (English)
Equality Pledge English
green pledge
Green pledge
Dosability confident
Disability Confident