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Prepping this years display

One part of our business is having a mobile sales stand which we take to events and meet our customers. Each year we try to create a bigger and better show stand.

This year alongside the stand build we have the premises refurbishment. Ever keen to reuse and recycle, last year I acquired some pre owned (posh for second hand) display equipment some were ok but others were but a bit tatty.

Now, i have my workshop its time to sand all my display equipment repaint in a new standard colour. Trying to be as ecologically and environmentally friendly as possible in everything we do, we selected the paint along the same lines. However, to withstand the commercial world it also had to be durable and long lasting. We eventually decided on the Farrow & Ball because of the low or minimal VOC content in its paints. Based in Dorset, F&B dry waste from its manufacturing plant is either recycled or converted into energy. 97 per cent of its liquid waste is recycled. The entire range is rated A+ for interior air emissions from paint after 28 days of drying and curing. 

The current choice is going to be Wevet background with a floral stencil on the edges

Just got the 6 stands each 6f tall and 2 ft square to do before I start on the tables, wales and stands …….

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Painting the workshop

A job I have been putting off for months was complete this week – painting the workshop. It is an old stone building and the walls were already lime/whitewashed, so why go against history and use something modern.

So a quick internet search and it was off to our local builders merchant to get some Lime. 20 minutes later the mix is going on the wall. Must admit I was pleasantly surprised how good the finish was after the first coat. Especially after what it had to cover

And of course there are many benefits of using limewash. A natural product with zero waste, Lime’s high pH level means microorganisms can’t survive, which adds a hypoallergenic quality. Proponents also argue that limewash has a chemical makeup that removes odours (and harmful CO2), improving interior air quality.

** Please note the stylish safety googles ! . These are an essential for any lime work in order to prevent splashes into the eyes. Lime has a high pH and is therefore caustic. Avoid damage to the eyes by wearing safety glasses whenever handling and working with lime.

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TimberKits Partnership

We have have had a long relationship with TimberKits selling their products for many years at our events. We have pleased to announce that this bond has moved a step closer with the moves to begin manufacturing kits at our new Llandeilo workshop.

Over the coming months new CNC and laser cutting equipment will be installed alongside our machinery to begin a new manufacturing journey.

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New Premises

2021 was a rollercoaster year and we ended on a fantastic high after breaking all our trading records. The extra icing on the cake was the acquisition of our new premises in Llandeilo.

We have taken over the retail and warehouse space that used to hold the iconic Gerwyn’s fruit and veg premises on the bridge famed for its bright yellow colour scheme.

The building will at last allow us to progress plans that have been on the drawing board for far too long. Now we have over 2,500 square feet of workshop and creation space as well 1,500 square feet of retail and craft demonstration space. Of course more space allows us to have a wider range of beautiful products .

Keep coming back for new on our exciting opening offers