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Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone
Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone (Preseli Stone or Preseli Spotted Dolerite) is a unique and rare igneous rock. This crystal is made up of many minerals (Dolerite, Feldspar (Plagioclase), Diopside, Biotite, Quartz). The colour ranges in different green hues (Dolerite) with inclusions of tiny white spots (Quartz) and black specs (usually a mix of Hematite, Biotite, and Ilmenite). The only known source of this stone is within the Preseli Hills and mountain ranges in west Wales.

The most famous use for Bluestone is the centre circle at Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Made up of 43 blocks of Preseli Bluestone weighing up to 4 tons. Stonehenge is estimated to be over 5,000 years old (dating back to 3100 BCE) and is thought to have once contained over 80 Preseli Bluestone “standing stones”.

If you ever get the privilege to get to the centre of Stonehenge and touch the Bluestone like we have, the effect is quite startling. Quite often even on a cold day they can radiate a warmth and even people not attuned to crystals can often feel a vibration or background hum emanating from the stone.

Meaning & Energy

Preseli Bluestone offers up a strong, yet subtle transformative energy to push though obstacles.

The Dolerite allows you to turn your attention inwards towards your own personal wellbeing, this is where these ancient crystals’ power really begins to break through and shine. As your emotional body begins to heal and your mental health begins to rise you will be capable of pushing your physical well-being. Preseli Bluestone has some of the purest healing and transformative energies possible.

Chakras Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral Root


Longevity, Past Life Recall, Passion, Opportunities, Nurturing, Nourishing and Rejuvenation, New Beginnings, Mental Enhancement, Meditation, Mastering Fear, Past Lives, Living in the Present Moment, Life Path, Joy, Intuition, Inspiration, Inner Vision, Inner Peace, Growth, Grounding, Selflessness, Wisdom, Truth, Trust, Transformation, Stress Relief, Spiritual Awakening, Soothing, Sense of Purpose, Gentle Self-Expression, Self-Discovery, Self- Healing, Self-Discipline, Resolution, PTSD, Relaxation, Power, Physical Healing, Personal Will, Peace of Mind, Anxiety Relief, Ancient Knowledge, Alignment of Chakra, Adventures, Action, Abundance, Balance, Consciousness, Generosity, Expansion, Expanded Awareness, Enlightenment, Enhancing, Empathy, Emotional Understanding, Elimination Toxins, Dispelling Negative Energy, Creating Your Own Reality, Compassion, Clarity, Clairvoyance, Claiming Wholeness, Channelling, Chakra Cleansing, Calming and Patience, Breaking Addictions, Balancing Polarities

Planets Earth

Zodiacs Capricorn, Taurus

Elements Earth

Colours Grey, White, Black, Green

Hardness 8 to 9

Chemical Formula n{(Ca, Na)(Mg, Fe, Al, Ti)(Si, Al)2O6} p{NaAlSi3O8} q{CaAl2Si2O8}

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Meteor specimen
Meteor specimen

Humanity has been observing meteors for thousands of years. Many civilizations looked to the sky to see the “shooting stars” and believed that they were messages of doom from their gods.

When meteors enter Earth’s atmosphere, they can burn so brightly that they are brighter than the planet Venus. Scientists have estimated that around 48.5 tons/44,000 kg of meteoritic debris fall on our Earth every day.

Meteors travel at tens of thousands of miles per hour and those that are smaller than a football field will be broken apart and burn up in our atmosphere as it travels at 130,000 mph/209,215 kmh Those that survive the atmosphere are less than 5% of their original size as it hits the ground. Quite often only the size of a pebble or an orange their exterior or “fusion crust” is usually burned so badly that they have a glassy appearance.

There are three types of meteorites:

Iron Meteorites:

The iron meteorites are the leftovers of the core of a destroyed planet or asteroid. They are thought to originate between Jupiter and Mars in the Asteroid Belt. This the densest type of meteorite and is incredibly heavy and magnet. Most specimens have an iron content of around 90-95% with remainder made up of nickel and trace elements.

Stone Meteorites:

The largest number of meteorites found are stone meteorites which were once a part of the crust of an asteroid or planet. Recently fallen to Earth meteorites have a black crust. Those that have been here a longer period look a lot like Earth rocks. Most stone meteorites do contain enough iron to be magnetic. Some stone meteorites have small colourful granular inclusions which were part of the solar nebula before our solar system was created.  They can also contain “chondrule” grains which are called “chondrites” are volcanic rock that melted from being blasted from a parent body.

Stone meteorites are some of the oldest items that we can study to discover our solar system and the universe.

Stony-Iron Meteorites:

Naturally, there are a combination of the previous two types but much rarer, less than 2% of all meteorites found are stony-iron meteorites. They were formed at the mantle or core of their parent body. Being made up of equivalent percentages of stone and nickel-iron they also have two sub types:

Pallasites are the most attractive of all the meteorites because they contain nickel-iron that is surrounded by olivine crystals. The purer crystals are emerald green and known as peridot and when cut and polished the crystals become translucent.

Mesosiderites are smaller than Pallasites and have both silicates and nickel-iron. However, they also contain black and silver tones that give them an incredible beauty when refined.

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Jet (Lignite) is not a crystal but more a fossil having been created through decaying wood under extreme pressure. Jet has been used in history as far back as 10,000 BCE. with a carving of a larva discovered near the Venuses of Petersfel in Germany. The finest specimens are found on England’s northeast coast especially around Whitby.

Jet has been used in Britain since the Neolithic and through to the Bronze Age where it was used for necklace beads. During the Iron Age jet went out of fashion until the early 3rd century

Whitby jet was a popular material for jewellery in Roman Britain from the 3rd century. The Romans organised its collection from the beach at Whitby and transferred to Eboracum (York) where it was turned into rings, hair pins, beads, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and pendants. The Romans believed it to be a magical material because of its protective qualities and ability to deflect the gaze of the evil eye. Pliny the Elder suggests that “the kindling of jet drives off snakes and relieves suffocation of the uterus. Its fumes detect attempts to simulate a disabling illness or a state of virginity

The Vikings created miniature carvings of animals, mainly snakes.

Jet became fashionable during the Victorian era in the 1850s after the queen wore a jet necklace as part of mourning dress for her mother Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and again while mourning the death of her husband Prince Albert

In Whitby, the Victorian tradition continued up until World War II. Jet Jewellery (both vintage and new) fell out of fashion until the 80s. Then Jet beads and antique jet jewellery started to rise in value.

Jet can be found in both soft and hard versions. Soft Jet occurs when carbon is compressed with freshwater, while hard Jet is with saltwater.


Jet has been used by people mourning for centuries. It works very well in drawing out the negative energies that surround your aura. Jet acts as a purifier, attempting to draw and dispel any unwanted energy while at the same time ushering in positivity.

For centuries it was said to bring luck to anyone who would carry it.

Jet is full of Mother Earth’s energy and ideal for someone in need of assistance with grounding because it roots you down to earth while assisting in balancing and protecting.

Ajoite pairs very well with Jet and is a strengthened of the emotional spirit.

Jet also works very well with Moldavite.

It becomes an enhancer of the transformation process as Jet acts as a transmuter in your transformation process.

Chakras Third Eye, Root


Balance, Clarity, Transformation, Protection, Luck and Good Fortune, Clearing, Channelling, Grounding, Purification, Insight, Transmutation of Negative Energies, Channelling and Grounding Higher Vibrations, Connection with Nature, Astral Travel, Dispelling Negative Energy

Planets Earth, Saturn

Zodiacs Capricorn

Elements Earth

Colours Black

Hardness 3 to 4

Chemical Formula C9-16

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Titanium Aura

titanium specimen

You will immediately be drawn to Titanium Aura Quartz because of its rainbow colours. However, it has many metaphysical benefits.

Titanium Quartz is an enhanced version of natural quartz. Natural quartz is placed in a chamber with vaporised titanium and other metal oxides. Once these are bonded to the Quartz it transforms into Titanium Quartz and the most powerful of all the coated Quartz.

Quartz enhances the qualities and will energize the entire chakra system. Titanium projects strength, elevated mental activity, and fortitude. Carrying or wearing a piece of Titanium Quartz will make you feel grounded, cantered and full of energy

If you feel that you miss the daily energy to keep up with life, Titanium Quartz is ideal for you. The stone can transfer its energy to the wearer and improve their mood around but also increase your focus and confidence.

This stone transfers energy and provides a relaxed state of mind developing light humour and the general enjoyment of life. When you are relaxed is the ideal time to manifest your goals and desires. Titanium Quartz will help you reveal your life path and obtain your dreams.

Titanium Quartz works extremely well with Moldavite which will bring everything in your life together. Things you may have overlooked may now start catching your eye for long enough to understand that there is a deeper meaning behind that episode.

Chakras Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral Root


High Vibration, Strength, Creativity, Intuition, Meditation, Confidence, Physical Healing, Grounding, Consciousness, Relaxation, Focus, Expansion, Alignment of Chakra, Enlightenment, Expanded Awareness, Interdimensional Communication, Dispelling Negative Energy, Chakra Cleansing, Nourishing and Rejuvenation

Planets Sun, Moon

Zodiacs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Elements Fire, Storm

Colours Silver

Hardness 7 to 8

Chemical Formula TiO2@SiO2

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Candle safety

Before Lighting:

  • Before burning, always trim the wick to ¼ inch. You can use a wick trimmer, nail clippers, or scissors. Long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning, dripping or flaring.
  • Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.
  • Always use a candleholder specifically designed for candle use. It should be heat resistant, sturdy, and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax.

 Burn candles in a well-ventilated room:

  •  Avoid drafts, vents or air currents. This will help prevent rapid or uneven burning, soot and excessive dripping.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on burn time and proper use. In general, it is recommended that candles do not burn for longer than four hours and cool for at least two hours before relighting.
  • When lighting a candle, use long matches or a long-reach lighter. Keep your hair and loose clothing away from the flame.
  • Always put candles on a heat resistant surface. Be especially careful with night lights and tea lights, which get hot enough to melt plastic. TVs are not fire-resistant objects.

  • Put them in a proper holder. Candles need to be held firmly upright by the holder so they won’t fall over. The holder needs to be stable too, so it won’t fall over.

  • Position them away from curtains. Don’t put candles near curtains or other fabrics – or furniture. And keep them out of draughts.

  • Don’t put them under shelves. It’s easy to forget that there’s a lot of heat above a burning candle. If you put it under a shelf or other surface then it can burn the surface. Make sure there’s at least three feet (one metre) between a candle and any surface above it.

  • Take care with votive or scented candles. These kinds of candles turn to liquid to release their fragrance, so put them in a glass or metal holder

While Burning:

  • Never leave a candle unattended.
  • Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations, etc.
  • Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets. Do not place lighted candles where they can be knocked over by children, pets or anyone else.
  • Never touch or move a candle while it is burning or while the wax is liquefied.
  • Do not burn a candle all the way down. For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 1/2 inch remains in the container or 2 inches if using a pillar candle.
  • Place burning candles at least four inches apart from one another. This is to make sure they do not melt one another or create their own drafts that will cause the candles to burn improperly.
  • Extinguish a candle if the flame becomes too high or flickers repeatedly. Let the candle cool, trim the wick, and check for unwanted drafts before re-lighting.
  • Never use a candle as a night light or while you may fall asleep.
  • Be very careful if using candles during a power outage. Torches and other battery-powered lights are safer sources of light during a power failure. Never use a candle during a power outage to look for things in a closet, or when fuelling equipment, such as a lantern or petrol heater or generator.

When Extinguishing a Candle: 

  • Use a candle snuffer or a spoon to extinguish a candle. It is the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering. Use a snuffer to put them out. It’s safer than blowing them, which can send sparks and hot wax flying
  • Never use water to extinguish a candle. Water can cause the hot wax to splatter and might break a glass container.
  • Make sure the candle is completely out and the wick ember is no longer glowing before leaving the room.
  • Do not touch or move the candle until it has completely cooled.
  • Never use a knife or sharp object to remove wax drippings from a glass holder. It might scratch, weaken, or cause the glass to break upon subsequent use.
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Azurite is a soft, deep-blue copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. During the early 19th century, it was also known as chessylite, after the Chessy-les-Mines. It has been used since ancient times and was mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History under the Greek name kuanos (English cyan) and the Latin name caeruleum. The colour has always been associated deep and clear blue sea and skydesert and winter skies. The modern English name of the mineral reflects this association, since both azurite and azure are derived via Arabic from the Persian lazhward (لاژورد), an area known for its deposits of another deep-blue stone, lapis lazuli (“stone of azure”).

Azurite is a rare variety of gemstone-quality copper ore. Azurite is one of two basic copper carbonate minerals (malachite is the other). Azurite is rarer than malachite and is considered more valuable. Azurite gets its name from the Persian word ‘lazhward’, which refers to its distinctive, vivid blue colour. Azurite is a fairly soft stone and its use in jewellery is actually quite rare. In fact, azurite is more sought-after by gem and mineral collectors, rather than jewellery designers.

One of the first major sources of azurite was discovered in Chessy, a small commune located in the eastern suburbs of France, close to Lyon. Owing to its Chessy origin, azurite earned its locality-based trade name, ‘chessylite’. In addition to gem use, azurite is also an industrial gem, much like garnet. In fact, since the Middle Ages, azurite has been used to produce pigments and textile colour dye. Azurite was sacred to the Egyptians who believed it was an aid to spiritual communication.

Many believe that this stone helps to reduce anger and to increase psychic awareness. It is also thought to reduce abnormal cell growth, promote wisdom, and is used as an aid to relieve the pain of rheumatism.

Azurite is a stone that activates, unlocks, and links our third eye and crown chakras. It is one of the premier stones to access our psychic abilities.

It can assist with lucid dreaming, astral projection, intuitive meditation, insight and inner vision.

Azurite can help enhance dreams but also decode their imagery and meaning. It can raise mental awareness, intellect and wisdom. This copper carbonate will help in the cleansing and purging of negativity within the mind. Azurite brings with it great clarity that can help with disposing of negative thoughts, bad habits, and even addictions.

Azurite works well with other high-frequency stones such as Phenacite, Shattuckite, and Danburite. When using these stones with Azurite, our third eye will both strengthen and mental awareness expands.

K2 Variation

A variation of this stone was discovered at the base of the second tallest mountain in the world, K2 after which it is named. The stone is comprised of white granite with drops of Malachite and Azurite that occurred after the formation of the primary stone.

Chakra Crown, Third Eye

Properties Psychic Abilities, Calming and Patience, Confidence, Manifestation, Inner Vision, Communication with Guides, Planets Jupiter, Uranus

Zodiacs Sagittarius, Elements, Wind

Colours Blue, Light Blue

Hardness 4

Chemical Formula Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2

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Apatite (Golden)

Gold apatite
Gold apatite

Golden Apatite (Yellow Apatite) is a high vibration crystal that helps to eliminate and/or purge dense, stagnant energies.

It brings sunny, spiritual energy to the aura and inspires hope and passion. It brings a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. It combats apathy and helps us be more outgoing and optimistic and increases our drive to get things done. Men and women will feel a boost to the masculine side of their personality by developing assertiveness and the courage to take risks.

Golden Apatite helps in manifesting our dreams and desires to gain this success it is helps us learn by increasing our capacity to take in and process new information and removes lethargy. Particularly useful when starting new businesses by turning creative ideas into reality.

Chakra  Solar Plexus

Zodiac   Gemini

Colour   Gold, Yellow

Hardness 5

Chemical composition Ca5(PO4)3(F,Cl,OH)

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Apatite (Green)

Green Apatite
Green Apatite

Apatite is a quite a rare tourmaline variety. It is named for the Greek word ‘apatao’, which means to deceive. due to many people mistaking it for other minerals such as Peridot and Beryl. The most beautiful (and for metaphysical use) Apatite stones are usually teal, yellow, or green in colour. Apatite in teal colour resembles the colour of the sea, which is popular among buyers and collectors. Grey and brown Apatite are also available.

Green Apatite has been known to grow off other crystal masses such as Orange Calcite

Green Apatite is a very calming and soothing stone and works with your emotions to strengthen them allowing you to be calm during challenging times and conversations. Be prepared by carrying or wearing this stone when you are about to encounter these situations.

Heart, throat, and third eye chakras become activated and aligned when working with this stone. When these chakras are activated together, you will notice how clearer your communication skills become.

Green Apatite has a deep connection with nature and Mother Earth. It is a perfect stone for outdoor meditation especially when nature is at it most potent on a spring or summer day. When mediating with Mother Earth and channelling her energies, both Green Tourmaline and Apatite will enhance the healing energies.

Chakras Heart Throat Third Eye


Knowledge, Stress Relief, Connection with Nature, Meditation, Channelling, Calming and Patience, Resolution, Anxiety Relief, Emotional Understanding, Living in the Present Moment, Planets Earth

Zodiacs Gemini

Elements Water, Earth

Colours Green, Olive Green, Venusian-Green

Hardness 5

Chemical Formula Ca5(PO4)3(OH)

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Apatite (Blue)

blue Apatite
blue Apatite

Apatite is a quite a rare tourmaline variety. It is named for the Greek word ‘apatao’, which means to deceive. due to many people mistaking it for other minerals such as Peridot and Beryl. The most beautiful (and for metaphysical use) Apatite stones are usually teal, yellow, or green in colour. Apatite in teal colour resembles the colour of the sea, which is popular among buyers and collectors. Grey and brown Apatite are also available.

Blue Apatite is associated with the mind and can stimulate the intellect allowing expansion of knowledge. It is a stone of manifestation attuned to the future allowing you to keep planning what is next in your life. Similarly, it can increase the strength and frequency of lucid dreaming. Place a piece inside your pillowcase to increase and strengthen your visions.

If you wear or carry Apatite daily, it may have beneficial effects by suppressing hunger pangs.

Apatite’s strength is ideal for long meditation sessions because its vibrations assist in communication to attract guides and other entities.

Chakras Third Eye


Psychic Abilities, Strength, Inspiration, Clarity, Knowledge, Physical Healing, Higher Self, Sense of Purpose, Inner Vision, Angelic Communication, Weight Control, Inner Peace, Astral Travel, Motivation, Lucid Dreaming, Zodiacs Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces

Elements Wind

Colours Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Gold

Hardness 5

Chemical Formula Ca5(PO4)3F

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Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst
Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst (Dog Tooth Amethyst) is naturally occurring Amethyst and White Quartz in a banded or “V” pattern. Chevron Amethyst shares the same energies and vibrations as regular Amethyst (Amethyst history and properties ) However, it is far stronger and more powerful when working with our higher chakras.

Chevron Amethyst specifically focuses on the third eye and crown chakras, activating and linking the two together. This important channel is useful when attuning and aligning yourself with higher energies and frequencies.

This stone connects you to your higher self creating a permanent connection. Our “higher self” is the truest and most pure form of who we are. Our higher self pushes us to be the person that we genuinely want to be.

It is important to work with other higher frequency stones (Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Phenacite, Scolecite, Tanzanite) when working with Chevron Amethyst. This will strengthen your connection with higher realms,

Chakras Third Eye, Crown, Etheric


Spiritual Awakening, Inspiration, Interdimensional Communication, Intuition, Lucid Dreaming, Manifestation, Meditation, New Beginnings, Psychic Abilities, Insight, Transformation, Wisdom, Channelling and Grounding Higher Vibrations, Alignment with the Higher Self, Angelic Communication, Ascension, Astral Travel, Attunement, Attunement With Higher Realms, Breaking Addictions, Bridging the Spiritual and Physical Worlds, Channelling, Clarity, Communication With Higher Realms, Compassion, Dreams, Enhancing, Expanded Awareness, Higher Self, Inner Vision,

Planets Jupiter, Neptune

Zodiacs Libra, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini

Elements Wind

Colours Purple, Violet, White, Indigo

Hardness 7

Chemical Formula SiO2